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Our team of professionals takes pride in successfully originating, structuring, negotiating and closing all types of corporate transactions.


Business Owners About Monolith


What We Do

Representing Sellers and Buyers of Privately-Owned Businesses in a Wide Range of Industries through the Mergers and Acquisitions  (M&A) Process: 

  • Selling a Business – Advise on preparing a business for sale from valuation through closing and post closing events
  • Buying a Business – Advise on the buying and acquiring process, going from browsing to buying a business
  • Businesses for sale – We have multiple listing for sale, we can help find the right business
  • Business Valuation – Market Data Report for Value Analysis, Formal Valuation (limited scope), Merger & Acquisition Valuation. (subject to IRS Revenue Ruling 59-60)


Our Approach

We have developed a strong process methodology involving:

  • Executives – Develop and validate the strategic rationale, assist in due diligence and integration planning
  • Finance – Assist with structuring, due diligence and integration planning.  Manage outside advisors as needed
  • Legal – Assist with contract negotiations, due diligence and integration planning.  Manage external law firm
  • Tax – Assist with structuring, due diligence and integration planning.  Manage outside advisors as needed
  • IT – Assist with integration planning

Acquisition Process:

  1. M&A Stradegy Development
  2. Valuation
  3. Contract Negotiation (NDA, LOI, APA, OR SPA)
  4. Due Diligence Process & Intergrading DD Findings Into Agreement & Integration
  5. Potential Regulatory Approvals
  6. Communication Strategy
  7. Integration Planning

Our Mission

Monolith’s goal is to obtain super results in the middle market transactions we are involved in.

  • Attain the Unattainable Triangle – The golden rule says you can have ether fast, low cost, or good, but you can’t have it all. Well, we strive to attain all three for our clients



The Modern Holistic Impact M&A Advisory

Monolith Global Partners LLC provides a holistic hands-on and highly concentrated mergers and acquisitions solution for the middle market. As a boutique advisory firm, we have staked our reputation on successfully providing efficient, cost effective M&A service and support that we tailor to each of our unique clients. With leading industry professionals, Monolith is well prepared to address nearly every situation you may encounter while going through the M&A process. We have developed an end-to-end custom-tailored M&A solution, that provides our clients time to concentrate on their business as we concentrate on the M&A process for them. This personal touch only allows us to have a few clients at a time, but lets us build long-lasting relationships. We help manage the M&A process and we drive results built around the whole worth of your company.

The Monolith team has over  30 years of mergers and acquisitions, investment banking and financial services experience and have completed or been involved in over 20 domestic and foreign transactions. In those transactions, we provided broker-dealer services, legal support in drafting and negotiating letters of intent, purchase agreements and legal due diligence. Our team is engaged at the start  of each engagement by  developing the strategic M&A plan, targeting introduction, fielding investment bank teasers, to valuation, all due diligence and contract negotiations, and board approval presentations and integration planning. We have led deals ranging in size from $4M to $250M.

Our global deal experience has culminated in the completion of a domestic deal within three weeks of a signed letter of intent. International, Western Europe deals were a bit more involved with the UK being more familiar and German deals requiring stricter German code compliance.  Deals in Europe, UK and Germany were all successfully completed meeting the internal target acquisition timetable and all local country requirements. Brazil would be one of our most challenging experiences, where the language and culture presented hidden blocking issues.  We became familiar with the acquisition target in Brazil over several years and spent 9 months on the transaction, mainly becoming familiar with its unique tax and import/export regulations.

We have had our share of deals that have broken down with recalcitrant sellers or buyers, but we have closed most deals as planned. Most of the acquisitions we have been involved in have been accretive. Our team’s successful term negotiations have brought the rarity of our clients-us needing purchase reps and warranties insurance.

Monolith is adapting a new approach to the Mergers and accusations advisory space, by building an ecosystem that modernizes the fragmented M&A space. Our mission is to bring a transparent and efficient  M&A process and market place. We approach each relationship with the highest ethical standards.


Sell-Side Advisory

Whether you plan to sell all or part of your business, Monolith brings significant local and global industry knowledge and experience for each of our clients and to every transaction we are apart of. Clients turn to us for our experience in assisting and advising the micro and macro execution of our clients transaction.

Buy-Side Advisory

Monolith has a proven track record of advising  strategic and financial buyers as they execute acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, joint ventures, and alliances. Monolith can serves as the lead or supporting advisory role and can be brought in at any stage to support a particular transactions. With a range of  buy-side transaction services, we help our clients create and act upon opportunities for growth.


Monolith by the Numbers

With a wealth of knowledge and experience, we are her to help our clients ever stop of the way

Years Of Experience

Million Dollars Advised Transactions

Companies Worked With

Ask the Heavy-Hitters During M&A

Mergers and acquisitions are monumental undertakings for  businesses, executives, board members, in-house counsels, and employees involved. When your company has reached the point of considering a merger with another, there is a significant task before you. There are many factors that need to be considered about the logistics of pre-merger, during the merger, and post-merger.


Preserving a Healthy Work Culture During a Merger and Acquisition

Deals Should Provide Excitement and The Pride of Being Part of a Successful, Larger Business

Culture Shock Is Welcome Here

Within John Ellsworth’s legal team at ScanSource, different nationalities broaden the scope of legal intelligence during international expansion


Holistic Impact Real Estate Investment Management

Monolith Markets is a boutique real estate investment company, sponsor and general partners, that believes in IMPACT for the long-term. We add value throughout our full service approach to all types of real estate investment instruments and funds while delivering strong cash-flow and returns. We believe that aligning investments with values should not require sacrificing returns. With our foundation in the real estate and finance industry we work to leverage economic alignment with all involved parties to try and provide critical success in any investment environment. Our four key steps are project development and structuring, project formation and acquisition, general partner management, and asset disposition.


John Ellsworth

John Ellsworth

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

John Ellsworth is a Principal Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Monolith Global Partners LLC, a financial technology driven mergers and acquisitions advisory. He co-overseeing all M&A activities and the strategic direction of the firm. As a boutique advisory firm and partner, Monolith uses our experience and technology to target friction in the M&A space. Mr. Ellsworth is also a Board Member for Hercules Communities, a start-up involved in aggressively acquiring lower-mid to mid-end mobile home parks with the intent of building a company comprising 100 or more parks. John’s professional background is as a global Senior Business Executive and Chief Legal Officer with deep experience in negotiations, complex transactions, mergers & acquisitions, compliance and governance, human resources and finance. For 20 years his ability to interpret complex legal issues and utilize business acumen have made him an invaluable partner with executive leaders in commercial, regulatory and technology environments. He is valued for leading crisis management and internal investigations, establishing businesses in Europe and Latin America, and developing and implementing strategies that have led to profitable revenue growth.

Chad White

Chad White

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Chad White is a Principal Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Monolith Global Partners LLC, a financial technology driven mergers and acquisitions advisory. He co-overseeing all M&A activities and the strategic direction of the firm. As a boutique advisory firm and partner, Monolith uses our experience and technology to target friction in the M&A space. Mr. White offers his 15+ years of Corporate Finance and Capital Markets industry experience as a visionary and leader in the investment banking, securities  & trading, and advisory. In 2016 while at MD Global Partners, he saw that the JOBs Act would create a revolution in the capital markets, fintech, crowdfunding, and blockchain space. He then began to lay the groundwork for a digital smart securities’ centric investment bank, that was incorporated into MD Global Partners. He ran the digital investment banking practice, concentrating on compliant corporate finance, capital markets advisory, and digital securities smart contracts solutions for MD Global Partners. He is well versed in corporate deal structuring and capitalization from all ends of the spectrum. He obtained an MS in Finance from the College for Financial Planning and a BS in Personal Financial Planning from Kansas State University. He also holds multiple Financial Securities Licenses (NFA/FINRA).

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NO REPRESENTATION: Monolith makes no representations, expressed or implied, that it will effect a transaction as a result of the services furnished. The duties of Monolith shall not include legal, tax or accounting services which Client shall procure at its own expense.  Monolith is not a licensed securities broker or dealer, and it is not the intention of the parties to consummate a sale of the issued and outstanding stock of Client.  If, however, Client subsequently determines to consummate a stock sale, rather than a sale of assets, then Monolith shall be deemed to be a “Finder” with respect to such sale, and Client agrees to pay Monolith a fee with respect to the sale of the stock and consulting fee with respect to any other services rendered by Monolith. *Finders and Unregistered Broker-Dealers

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