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How Business Strategies Will Pivot Post-Coronavirus

How Business Strategies Will Pivot Post-Coronavirus by johnellsworth | May 27, 2020 | Blog, John Ellsworth Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures, and nowhere is this more prevalent than in today’s world. While large-scale work-from-home orders and remote...

How FinTech Startups Can Scale and Succeed

Since the 1950s introduced consumers to the sleek, savvy credit card, digital cash has become a societal staple. Technological payments have infiltrated the financial industry, generating an entirely new and wholly unique sub-industry: FinTech. You’re likely familiar with Silicon Valley, the California-based community of tech and software startups. Around the world, in Hong Kong, London, and even Sydney, FinTech startups have found their footing. However, not all of these startups are here to stay. One of the biggest roadblocks and the Achilles heel for FinTech startups is the lack of scalability. As technology plays an increasingly vital role in everyday business, how can FinTech startups not only scale, but succeed?

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Is a Tsunami of a Data Breach Swelling in the Cloud?

SaaS, or software-as-a-service, is ubiquitous. And with SaaS comes another cool kids prevalent and cheaper technology: the cloud. But as more and more business engage with applications “in the cloud” or contract SaaS applications for their businesses that are based in the cloud, can they be sure that their data is going to be secure? I am going to touch on some of the questions that you can ask about the security level of these cloud-based solutions. But first, let’s look at both Software-as-a-Service and cloud computing. It is too often that these terms are used interchangeably but there are some important distinctions to be made.

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5 Questions: Here comes digital securities and assets

Digital technologies are changing virtually everything, and investment is no exception. Digital assets and securities are in the offing and, if they live up to their billing, will bring many new opportunities to investors. One of the avid observers of this tech wave is Scotte Carter, co-CEO of Monolith Global Partners. (along with co-CEO Chad White).

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